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Christmas Sales At Digi Scrap Shack

T'is the Season of Sales

at Digi Scrap Shack

Rebel’s Full Sized Bundle Sale:  50% off [usually these bundles sell for 35% off the price of what you would pay for individual items in the set]
Rebel’s Tagger Sized Bundle Sale:  40% off [usually these bundles sell for 30% off the price of what you would pay for individual items in the set]
Rebel’s Christmas Items on Sale:  40% Off regular prices
Rebel’s Commercial Use Items on Sale:  50% Off regular prices
All other products by Rebel Without A Pause Designs priced at $1.25 and up are 25% Off
All products by Sherry’s Camera, Ashleigh Carter and Yakety Yax are 25% off items priced at $1.25 and up.


You will also receive a coupon code
for $3 OFF a $10 purchase!

New items added at Digi Scrap Shack


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Matching Christmas Card Set

I love the old fashioned Christmas cards & stickers and I love a matching set of items so I did both here. Hope you like these too. The card can be found at Sherry’s Creations on Zazzle and the rest are at The Sticker Shack, also on Zazzle.

Christmas Visitor Card

The inside left panel of this otherwise blank card

Christmas Visitor Card insert

The matching address labels allow for you to insert your return address

Christmas Visitor Stickers

And the matching stickers which are great for sealing envelopes, attaching name tags or any where you would like to add a bit of Christmas

Christmas Visitor Card Stickers

These little book stickers are made so you can add a name to them for identifying packages, envelopes, etc

Vintage Christmas Stickers

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